VACC is very pleased to repeat the
Target 2020 Competition over the coming
academic year (2006)
And, as part of the State Government Careers in
Manufacturing program, it is also to be supported and
promoted by the Department of Innovation, Industry and
Regional Development
Entries must be received by last mail Friday December 15th 2006

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A   V I S U A L    C O M M U N I C A T I O N    C O M M U N I T Y    W E B P A G E
Created by
VACC "Target 2020" competition


2020 Car
Model-making category

Make the car of 2020. What will it look

In this category students were invited to
build a model car of their own design
showing how they thought the car of 2020
might look. It could be shaped from
balsa wood, or from modelling clay, or
cast - any practical and safe 3D
modelling medium could be used.

Items such as wheels, axles, lights, glass
etc, could be sourced from hobby-shop

The model could be no larger than 60cm
in length and had to be capable of sitting
on its own wheels or mounted on a
display board or display feature.

It had to be accompanied by a brief
explanatory description of its design
features and operation.

Two levels of entry:
Secondary: years 10-12
YEARS 9-12 in 2006
Tertiary: TAFE or University

There was also an
Essay category

Describe the cars, and the world of
personal transport, of 2020.

Write an essay describing the world of
personal transport of 2020. Students
were invited to think creatively and
logically about the changes they expect
to see in future car design and
Drawing and design category

Design the car of 2020

In this category students were invited to
design the car of 2020. The design could
be hand-drawn, rendered using computer
graphic programs, or designed on CAD.

It may interest students to know that,
even today, nearly all car and vehicle
designs begin with hand-drawn sketches

In this category, students were
encouraged to explore their design ideas
for the future of automotive design and
technologies: to think creatively and
expansively beyond the boundaries and
limitations of today's cars.

Students had to submit a brief (no more
than one A4 page) explanatory
description of their design: what are its
key features and design advantages?
How might the vehicle be powered? What
materials might be used in its

The graphic designs could be no larger
than A2 in size, and mounted on card.

Two levels of entry:
Secondary: years 10-12
YEARS 9-12 in 2006
Tertiary: TAFE or University
The information below refers to the Motor Show held in early 2006