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The bus shelter poster is a relatively new advertising tool. It was designed
for display in a glass-enclosed panel usually at one end of the bus shelter.
The poster is often illuminated for viewing at night .

These posters are either 1.8m x 1.2m or 1.5m x 1.0m in size, depending on
the size of the bus shelter. They normally feature very colorful, eye-catching
and different artwork and are printed on a coated card stock paper. Many
of them are double-sided, and come in a series. They are made for outside

Movie studios frequently use the bus stop posters to adverise movies.
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Including a poster in your bus shelter design
Activity below
Designing a bus shelter

This is me

How would you like to put yourself in a bus
shelter poster
It is very easy if you use
Adshel's Creative Simulator
see below
and already have a .jpg image of youself

The image should be
approximately the same proportions as the poster
and small
see example at left

Adshel's Creative Simulator gives you the
opportunity to view your image in a 'real'
situation and print it or save it.
Go to
You will need to read the instructions carefully
200 x 300