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Computer programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop
can be used to colour line art. The line art used can
of course be drawn by students. But
are there times
when it is OK for students to use existing line art -
maybe line art, including clip art, found on the web?

Yes, and here are some suggestions:
        If the purpose of an activity is for students
        to learn to use the computer to colour
        images, why not save time by starting with
        an existing image (as line art) which the
        teacher can select and therefore control the
        suitability/quality/complexity of it. The final
        image will probably be one that gives
        students greater satisfaction.

        If the activity is to produce, for example, a
        poster or CD cover or package which requires
        (in the brief) the inclusion of a Walt Disney
        cartoon character (or similar),
why not provide
        students with the necessary line art. This is a
        situation in which professional designers would
        sometimes find themselves.
1 Poster (Disney characters)
2 Mobile phone fascias (Disney characters)
3 Sheet music cover (Disney characters)
4 CD cover (Disney characters)
5 Postal Service ad (Bugs Bunny)
6 Packaging (Bugs Bunny)
7 Desktop Clock (Bart Simpson)
8 Glasses (Looney Tunes characters)
9 Packaging: Breakfast Cereal (Bart Simpson and
10 Packaging: children perfume (Disney characters)

There are many websites which provide free colouring
pages/line art - click
here for links to some of them
The new web page also has a link to information about
how to use the computer to
colour black and white images