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   But first, an explanation. You will find that drawings
   are often called 'sketches'. What is the difference?
   Is there a difference? The term 'sketch' implies that
   the drawing is freehand, with little or no detail,
   and produced quickly. This may also be covered by the
   term 'drawing' (particularly 'freehand drawing') but
   a drawing can also be very formal, detailed and very
   well finished. Dictionaries explain 'sketch' as a first
   rough or incomplete plan of any design; a simple,
   quickly-made drawing which does not have many details;
   a quick drawing that loosely captures the appearance of
   something; a hasty or undetailed drawing often made as
   a preliminary study.

What is a Concept?
A design concept is more specific than an idea, but less
specific than a layout or drawing of a product. Usually,
concepts are best described by an annotated sketch.
Here are sample concept sketches
from Concept Generation
Filippo A. Salustri, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Concept design for the future night train of the Swedish
company TÃ¥gkompaniet. The proposal includes solutions for
the sleeping carriage, as well as the corporate identity.  

May be slow to open but worth it

"The advances made in computer and software technology for
graphic design in the last 15 years are phenomenal. However,
when it comes to developing initial concepts, I’ll take paper
and pencil any day."

Pencil and color studies on 8.5" x 5.5" sketchbook. This is the
beginning procedure for any new illustration, t-shirt design,
design, etc.

"A large part of my freelance business is taken up with
'Concept Design' work. Concept Design is any sketch that
helps a client visualize an idea or product. Most of this work is
Black & White, but recently I have used any medium
necessary to get an idea across. This might include color
artwork, computer generated designs, or even foam core
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Creating thumbnails
Thumbnails enable you to make decisions about how you wish
to present your content without investing a lot of time.
Thumbnails represent scaled down versions of the final
product. Make sure your thumbnails have the same
proportions as the final product. Include all of the elements -
images, text, and other graphic devices that will make up the
final product. Keep in mind that even though thumbnails help
you make decisions, changing scale to full size often changes
the final layout.
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This site showcases Automotive Science Fiction and Space Art
from artist/designer Albert Yu

'Impossible Creatures' is a 3-D real-time strategy game that
pits the player against an evil villain in an action-packed
campaign across a chain of remote and diverse islands. Using
Earth's most formidable animals as building blocks, the player
creates an army of unique, mutant monsters in a desperate
struggle to protect an unsuspecting world from a horrible fate.
To see some of the concept drawings
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Scroll down the page to 'Concept Art' (below 'Screenshots')

These images are preliminary design sketches and computer
renderings of the device and its surroundings from the movie