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DESIGN 21: Social Design Network
is where members of the design community, socially conscious
individuals, local governments, businesses and non-profit
organizations (NPOs) can address social concerns and create smart
solutions through design. It's a place where like-minded people can
connect to share resources, inspire each other and take action.   
partnership with UNESCO
(United Nations Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Organization), they seek to explore the relationship between
design and society. They believe that design should be more than an
aesthetic exercise; that the real beauty lies in its potential to improve
the way that we live and interact in our communities and our

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network Is guided by UNESCO’s premise
that education, science and technology, and culture and communication
are tools by which to disseminate knowledge and information, build
awareness and foster dialogue

A competition was held to create the official logo of the
DESIGN 21: Social Design Network. The logo that was
judged to best embody the qualities of the Social
Design Network has been adopted as the official logo.

Who Won?.... and what were the
designers' ideas
behind the logos considered?

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