Though it launched in late 2003,
Apple’s iPod was among the
more memorable – and visible –
campaigns of 2004. The dazzling,
award-winning ads featured dancers
in silhouette rocking out against solid
neon backgrounds.

Apple launched the new iPod ad
campaign in different national and
international magazines, billboards
and in the Internet. The set of iPod
ads featured a variety of vibrant
colours and design schemes with a
black silhouetted figure of a person
dancing with or simply enjoying an
iPod. Cropped versions of these iPod
ads were also used on Apple iPod
web pages.

Apple simultaneously put forward
innovative advertising campaigns
that combined multiple posters and
billboards spread out across urban
see examples   linked to
television commercials that animate
the posters; this is an example of
combining existing marketing
techniques in new ways and
reinforces the overall brand and
product position.
Compare with an 'old' ad - click here

The colourful and silhouetted iPod ad
campaign of Apple makes the white
iPod earphones very recognizable.

The 'look' of silhouettes against
backgrounds of neon colours has
continued, and can still be seen in
the current television commercials.

The television commercials are aimed
at presenting the product/company
as fun and stylish, a trait that
analysts say is a major reason
behind iPod's success.

Neon colours are VERY BRIGHT colours
that almost glow .

Anyone who has had any marketing
experience or design knowledge knows
that neon colours are definitely attention
grabbing. Lime green and hot pink are
without a doubt going to catch the eye.
This is why many companies that do mail
out promotions pay extra to have their
document printed on brightly coloured
paper. They know that they have a higher
chance of having their mail read if it
stands out amongst piles of plain papers.

Neon colours are bright and fun, but they
need to be used carefully - for the right
audience and the right situation. For
example, neon colours are used in
children's websites and for children's toys
and for iPods.
Wiggles poster
book cover
party items

more advertising examples

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