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When t-shirts were invented in the early
1900s they were never intended to be
seen. T-shirts were underwear for men in
the American Navy to wear beneath
wooly jumpers.
They continued to be worn by the U.S.
armed services as underwear until
Hollywood stars James Dean and Marlon
Brando shocked the world and wore
them as outerwear in films. Suddenly
t-shirts were cool!
These days it can be hard to find a plain
t-shirt but it wasn't until 1948 when the
first t-shirt was made with a slogan on it
to promote the New York governor,
Thomas E Dewey's election campaign.

By the fifties everyone was wearing
t-shirts and companies had started
sticking pictures and slogans on them
and selling them as souvenirs. But the
real breakthrough happened in 1959
when stretchy ink was invented.

Since then there's been no stopping
them, from the anti-war slogans of the
sixties, to the huge oversized t-shirts of
the 80s and the tight tees of the 90s
right up to the customised trend of the

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The T shirt has proved to be a fantastic medium for slogans and designs