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With more great songs than is fair for one man to have written, John
Williamson has followed his heroes, Banjo Patterson and Henry
Lawson, in helping to define the Australian character.

From the first song he wrote, Old Man Emu, to whatever his latest
tale of life in the bush happens to be, John has been true to his
roots and deliberately ignorant of fads and trends.

Over almost 35 years in the industry, he has:
released 34 albums, 10 videos, 3 DVDs and 2 impressive books of
lyrics and stories;
collected 20 Golden Guitars at the Country Music Awards of Australia;
won 2 ARIA awards for the Best Australian Country Record
featured in three TV series, as well as This Is Your Life; and
lent his time, his music, and his name to more than a few dinkum
Since 1988 he has been awarded the Golden Guitar at Tamworth for
best selling album seven times! And he hasn't even released an
album every year.

He's a singer. John Williamson is one of the first people you think of
to provide an Aussie voice at any major event. He has sung at the
opening of the new Parliament House, the 1999 and 2003 Rugby
World Cups; the 2000 Olympics. Corroboree 2000, Don Bradman's
funeral, and the first Bali Memorial Service.

He's a songwriter. True Blue, Cootamundra Wattle, Bill the Cat,
Raining on the Rock, Mallee Boy. These and others will be passed
down through generations in the same way as Waltzing Matilda and
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