Gary Phillips
I have been a freelance modelmaker since 1992 ..... My work
is generally constructed from foamboard, card and paper - I do
not use machine tools or have a workshop setup, but I will
attempt anything I consider possible.

Tim Faithfull
As part of a promotional bid to secure funding and support for
the project, and to assist in the planning and development of
the design, the group commissioned a model, which would
show the existing theatre, and how the proposal would look
when completed

Patrick Drake
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We produce timber models that transform and unite the
architects essence of style and function. The tactile and
aesthetic qualities of timber within model making, offer
endless creative opportunities.

Brad R. Torgersen
The U.S.S. Paladin, NCC-1933, is my latest incarnation of the
so-called Constitution-class '2270 Refit' design, first seen in
"Star Trek: The Motion Picture®".
see left - 1
Materials & Tools Used: Scissors, serrated kitchen knife, carpet
razor blade, compass, U-Haul cardboard cartons, cereal boxes,
Elmer's Glue, white 20 lb. typing paper, ball-point pens, rubber
bands, scotch and masking tape, colored pencils, colored
markers, miscellaneous scrap card paper.
Brad thoroughly explains how the model was made

This studio residence hall - 132 apartments in three stories - is
located near the University of California in Berkeley’s
downtown business district
See the use of a cardboard model in the design process  
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Almost 30 years ago, a fellow modeler introduced me to the
concept of using corrugated cardboard as a model building
material.  Since then I have used cardboard exclusively for all
my models.
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Model, incorporating drawings, wood, metal, and paper

Model, wood

Landscape modelling
polystyrene, papier mache, plaster


A mold or mould is a hollowed-out block that is filled with a
liquid like plastic, glass or metal. The liquid hardens or sets
inside the mold, adopting its shape. This is when 'mould' is
used as a noun.

But 'mould' (as a noun) can aslo mean 'sculpture produced by

'Mould' as verb can mean
to form by pouring (e.g., wax or hot metal) into a cast or mould
to form in clay, wax, etc.

Stephen Allen
The sculptures shown in this gallery are designed, created and
hand cast in a special blend of stone powders, metal powders
and resins. Each is hand finished and painted.

Mould Making With Latex
Latex can be used to make moulds in which wax, plaster or
resin parts can be cast

Many model makers use both methods
Here are some of them:
Steve Howarth
Welcome to my web-site, constructed for all those interested in
modelmaking in general .....  
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