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The runaway merchandising success of
its talking-car advertising campaign put
Chevron Corporation on a fast lane into
the toy business.

Chevron Corporation, one of the world's
largest integrated petroleum companies,
is involved in every aspect of the industry,
from exploration and production to
transportation, refining and retail marketing.
It is active in more than 100 countries and
employs about 31,000 people worldwide.

In 1996, Chevron launched a successful marketing
campaign that featured personality-based cars in a
series of animated television commercials produced
by Aardman Animations, the company that produced
Wallace and Gromit. Chevron introduced its toy
collectible cars in conjunction with the commercials.
The toy cars quickly became so popular that Chevron
still doesn't even have to advertise them - their
popularity has grown by word of mouth alone.

Chevron began exploring how best to use multimedia and the Internet as
means of extending its new Car campaign beyond print and television.
Chevron's marketers were focused on three key goals:

        Extending the Chevron brand to a wider demographic and
        geographic audience

        Deepening consumer relationships with the Chevron brand

        Generating increased sales of the toy cars

Chevron launched the ChevronCars website in 1998. The site, which is
part of the Chevron Cars campaign, leverages the popularity of the Toy
Car characters developed for Chevron's TV commercials. ISL designed and
built an engaging, multi-dimensional Web environment where children and
adults find a variety of interactive resources that play on Chevron Cars
themes. The site educates and entertains with a combination of fresh,
compelling content and clever technologies. Since its inception,
www.chevroncars.com has been recognized as a pioneering and highly
successful vehicle for extending and deepening a powerful brand through
the use of online media. The benefits for Chevron have been many.

By not flooding the market, Chevron shows every sign of being in this
enterprise for the long haul. After all, the company is making most of its
money from the gas and food it sells; toys are just another way to attract
customers. Chevron are expected to continue to release only a handful of
cars biannually and
reproduce older versions in limited quantities. It is
important to note that Chevron has not actually retired any of the cars.
Older cars are due to be available again periodically.

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