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As you look at the following Future Phones, the first group are winners
of LG Japan's first Mobile Design Contest, 2008. All of the concepts are
non-working prototypes, so don't expect them as products soon.

The main group of Future Phones are Nokia's Dream Phones. In the
three rapidly growing cities of Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, and Accra
(Ghana), Nokia's design team set up open studios where members of
the local community could sketch their dream phones. Nokia provided
the space and the drawing tools, and more than 220 people offered
up their vision of the ideal handset - for them.

Nokia asked participants to address the following questions:
- What does it look like?
- What does it do?
- How will you use it?
- When and where will you use it?
These, and other questions, gleaned information on participants'
tastes, style, personality, profession, religion, sense of heritage, and
community. Some of the participants knocked off sketches in 20
minutes, while others spent two full days on the project.
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