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P A U L   R A S C H E
Born, raised, and living in Melbourne, Australia. Paul's background is
in cartooning and comic art, but there has been a gradual shift in his
style into abstract imagery and digital art through his pursuit of the
perfect illustration .....
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M A R K   A L E X A N D E R
On this assignment, a national trade ad for Borg-Warner Automotive,
an attention getting ad was developed ........

D A R A   C R E A T I V E   C O M M U N I C A T I O N S
D E S I G N  T E A M
From their initial brain storming sessions and an understanding of
the client's needs, the design team at Dara Creative Communications
came up with the idea of a simple circular shape (denoting unity and
a lasting quality), and also individual segments fitting together
(showing flexibility and strength). From this initial concept visuals
were developed ......
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P A U L   R A N D
Graphic Designer  (created the famous IBM logo)
Interview conducted by Michael Kroeger on 8 February 1995
long - 20 web pages - but very worthwhile
more information about Paul Rand at

N E V I L L E   B R O D Y
Information at

K E V I N   O ' M A L L E Y
Interview with Kevin O'Malley - a writer and illustrator children’s
books ..... I change with whatever the character of the book is......
To see the work of Kevin O'Malley go to

S A M A N T H A   E L M H U R S T
Veterinary Medical Illustration - A Living Art
..... I have found my own key to success in a secret which I will share
with you: I pretend that there will be no accompanying text.....
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R I C K   S T E R N B A C H
....... No one has had more of an impact on the designs, graphics,
and science of the various STAR TREK series and movies than Rick
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D O N   T A T E
Interview with Children's Book Illustrator Don Tate
This interview with children's illustrator Don Tate was conducted via
email in November 2000.
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G A R Y   T O N G E
A concept artist and illustrator with over 16 years of professional
..... I think if I were born 10-20 years before I would not have been
as fortunate in finding a way "in". Computers really revolutionised the
way I thought about art .....  

J A M E S   M E L L E T T
Interview with Top Illustrator, James Mellett
...... Using primarily gouache, Jim's commercial illustration work uses
bright, liquid strokes of color in a form of graphic realism.  

J U L I E   L A F R A M B O I S E
..... Until a couple of years ago, I hadn’t designed any Web
pages, so I had to research and basically learn from those around
me. As a first step, a co-worker and I surfed the Internet looking for
information on how to create a Web graphic.....

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