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Unlucky Logo
Brussels Airlines had to modify its logo in

Thirteen dots looked just right to designer
Ronane Hoet. Together they had the
perfect balance to form a stylized "b" for
the new Belgian carrier Brussels Airlines and
the number also matched the destinations
it flew to in Africa, a key market. "It was
harmony," she said, wistfully.

However, the airline, which was formed by
the merger of Virgin Express and SN
Brussels Airlines, added an extra ball to its
thirteen-ball B-shaped logo (symbolizing a
runway and a “B� for both Brussels
and Belgium), amid concerns that
is an unlucky number
. The airline started to
get calls and emails from superstitious
potential passengers expressing their
concerns about the logo. The Italians and
the Americans were particularly concerned
about the "unlucky" thirteen balls.

Brussels Airlines had the choice to go to 12
dots or 14. It chose 14 because of the
religious connotations of the 12 disciples.
Luckily, Brussels Airlines is not flying to
China, where 14 is a definite no-no.   
Fourteen, or one-four, in Mandarin, sounds
like the phrase "to want to die."
Workers change the 13-ball logo on the
tail of an Airbus 319 by adding a 14th one
Thirteen balls . . . . .

and then there were fourteen