Logo trends - 2005
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There is no doubt that in the design world there is some "monkey see,
monkey do". Someone comes up with a great logo, Website, package . . .
you name it. The next thing you know, you see the same sort of logo,
Website, package everywhere.

What's wrong with using design clichés? Nine times out of ten, it means
you're not stretching yourself as a designer. Take 'swooshes' for example.
Nike seemed to start it with its 'swoosh' logo. Then before you knew it,
'swooshes' were everywhere on the Net. Sure, it's dynamic. It's obviously
been successful for Nike.

But if your logo is just one out of a thousand swooshes, who's going to
remember it?
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Trends are not an accusation of some widespread lack of
original thinking. Instead, they are a sign of design
evolution in our ever-shrinking world.

15 trends have been identified during 2005 - Folly
Stars, Amalgams, Blow Out, CMYK, Flames, Wicker Balls,
Weaves, Whips, Puffies, Line Dots, Good Drops, Leaf Life, Blur,
Swirlys, HotDogs
Are these trends on the way in or the way out?

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